Herring Cleaning provides reliable and consistent Janitorial Services in Jacksonville, Fl and the surrounding areas.

We know and understand the cleaning business because we have been cleaning the city of Jacksonville for over 30 years. We offer Janitorial services on a regular basis or a one time event. It doesn’t matter if you are seeking Commercial Janitorial Services for your office or Residential house cleaning, we have the manpower and capabilities to do jobs of all sizes. All of our employees are drug tested and must pass a background check before their first day on the job with us. They are then thoroughly trained in a variety of different cleaning jobs so that each and everyone of our employees have a level of professionalism above and beyond our competition.

Herring Cleaning Services Inc. is not just a janitorial service. We are a fully capable cleaning business that also specializes in Fire damage clean-up and Restoration, Water Damage Restoration and Extraction, carpet cleaning, mold remediation and of course Janitorial Services Commercial and Residential. We are not a tiny little outfit struggling to maintain our clients and employees. In fact we have grown our business to staggering new heights in the past eight years, and have surpassed our competition in just about every way. We have developed our own Janitorial cleaning systems and use only the best supply’s and equipment so that the time we put into a job is efficient and effective.
A good majority of our clients that use our janitorial services are recurring customers that we have built an outstanding business relationship with over the years. Most of them provide us with new leads for service as a way of showing appreciation for the quality and reliability of our work. We are a very professional company that documents all aspects of our service and can provide you with detailed job descriptions if requested.

Are you looking for the right company that can handle cleaning your business or home and feel comfortable knowing you picked the right one?

Give us a call and let us know what it is you are interested in doing and we’ll go over all aspects of our Jacksonville Janitorial Services for you and let’s get cleaning!

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