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Clean Up Containment Barrier

Clean Up Containment Barrier

Our Fire Restoration Containment methods will allow you to live in the undamaged portion of the house....
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Flood Damage

Flood Damage

Poor draining systems in some low areas of town will flood repeatedly if heavy rains persist for too long.
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Mold Clean Up

Mold Clean Up

Mold clean up is a process of Mold Remediation eliminating toxic mold that can be hazardous to your health.
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Home Cleaning Service

Home Cleaning Service

We do Residential Home or house cleaning also commercial cleaning service.
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Fire and Water Damage Restoration Clean Up


The assessment  and procedures of our services are always handled by trained professionals. When an unexpected disaster strikes your home or place of business, such as fire damage or water damage, it is our job at Herring Cleaning through our restoration process to return your residence to it’s prior condition before the event and to facilitate the transition.  Our methods of engagement will be determined by our first procedure, to assess the extent of the damage through an inspection.

Once we are called, a thorough inspection will determine the scope of the fire damage clean up from the most obvious to the unseen elements from smoke and odor damage.  It is imperative that we act quickly and set up a containment barrier so that the undamaged portion of the home or building will remain that way.

Fire restoration herring cleaning    Fire restoration containment barrier2

When the Fire Department has left it is important to remain calm but act quickly. Fire Restoration Clean Up should be left to professionals. There are hidden elements that trained professionals are actively searching for that a homeowner will most likely miss that will cause the smoke odor to return very quickly if all aspects  of damage are not eradicated. In this post we will review the process we take making it much easier for you during this stressful event. Here are a  few things that you can do first after the fire has been put out.

  1. If you can retrieve any of your personal valuables such as important papers, jewelry, medications or tax records etc., without barring injury then do so.
  2. Next report the loss to your insurance carrier. Insurance carriers work with qualified trained professionals in matters like this such as Herring Cleaning  to protect the remaining portion of the house an restore the damaged portion.
  3. Contact a certified Damage Restoration Contractor.  It is very important to act quickly in bringing a professional on the scene. Smoke and ash can cause linger causing unforeseen damage to the rest of the house the longer it sits unattended without a containment barrier.


All projects are different but follow the same guidelines for restoring your home back to the way it was originally.  Any holes in the roof or broken windows must be covered to prevent further damage from the elements until the contractor can rebuild those areas.  A containment barrier must be established as soon as possible to keep the rest of the structure from being infected from the smoke, soot and ash that can spread through out the remainder of the  house in a very short amount of time. Once this barrier is in place, a determination can be made whether the occupants can remain living in the undamaged portion of the house, or have to seek temporary residence while the Fire damage clean up is under way. Once the debris has been removed, corrosion control measures should take place from the acidic smoke residue through out the house to reduce the cost of the claim. This will also provide healthier conditions for the workers and occupants of the structure. As soon as the residence has been brought up to a healthy work environment, the rest of the clean up can begin by removing  and disregarding all damaged furniture, taking inventory and packing up all the belongings in the infected area and stored at our facilities.

Fire restoration containment 2

After all  damaged property and portions of the damaged structure has been removed, professional sanitation and deodorizing will commence before the house can be rebuilt. The duration of this process varies from job to job depending on the extent of the damage and how long the house actually set before the contractor and cleaning agencies are called. To give you a better idea of the sense of urgency,  any items made of plastic that were near the fire will begin discoloring in minutes after the fire has been put out. Appliances and fiberglass materials will begin to discolor in a matter of hours so please do not hesitate to call the pro’s. Once your house has been rebuilt to satisfaction, we will unpack your belongings and reset any furniture that was damaged or that you are not having replaced by the insurance companies.



water damage, flood damage

There are many reasons why you could experience flood damage or water damage in Jacksonville,Fl.  We will go over many of those reasons here and explain the difference and level of importance of water damage to your home or office.

When a natural disaster occurs, most coastline regions are subject to Flood Damage. This is one of the worst kind of water damage that can occur to your residence. Any overflow of water coming from outside the home, whether it’s from a lake, river, ocean or even excessive rain with poor drainage systems contains micro-organisms that can potentially be harmful and make you sick especially once it’s trapped in your house. This is known as Category 2 Water Damage.

The most commonly seen water damage in Jacksonville is from inside the home or office. Broken pipes are the most common but not limited to overflowing bath tubs, toilets, sinks or appliances that contain water lines such as refrigerators and dishwashers. This is known as Category 1. It is the least harmful to your health and your home because of the clean water. When the leak is stopped quickly and the excess water has been removed there is a good chance your house will be back to normal before long.

Category 3 is absolutely the worst possible Flood Damage  that can occur to your home. This is when septic or sewage backs up into the house with toxic bacteria that is very hazardous to your health. This will expand the water damage restoration process dramatically due to the pathogenic agents found in contaminated water sources that are harmful to humans.


Emergency Mitigation to minimize damages.

Structural Cleaning-  Clean and deodorize walls, ceilings, woodwork after a fire or smoke damage. Complete carpet and flooring cleaning when needed.

Contents Cleaning- Professional cleaning of all restorable contents to before loss condition if possible.


Restoration- We restore art work, furniture, and family air-looms when possible to avoid replacement and minimize loss whenever possible.

Post Construction Cleaning- We completely clean and polish your home after construction and repairs so that your home is once again your own!